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switchable maps ?

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Only issue I found with the esl duel maps is you had to turn the engine off and press the throttle to the floor to switch maps . So you couldn't just switch maps while driving ,like you can on ecutek alcertek.

I think you can sort of have 2 maps on apexi fc ,if you get the mapper to set 2 different injector, ign, and boost maps and save them in the settings.

Then I think you can change the settings over with the hand controller.

As I have 4 boost settings saved which I can switch to while driving and can see 4 ignition /fuel settings on the controller

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a mates 04 blobeye wrx had ecutek remap done at clive attowes a few years back .

He had to hold the revs at 3 k and press the rear demist button to switch maps while driving.

It might not have been ecutek or maybe newage ecutek is different (like early esl daughter boards dont support mafless mapping)

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