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Which fuel pump??

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So Christmas is coming up and the wife has very kindly said she will buy me a new fuel pump for my Christmas!! Wooooooooo!! This is the last part I need before going for a remap. 


So the parts I have found and are considering:


Walbro 255lph



Are the Walbros still iffy or are they better now?


Deatschworks DW200



Seem to have decent reviews online.


Then there was a third brand I remember being told about but I've completely forgotten the name of it!

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At the end of the day they are all mass produced units, so there will always be failures, walbro 's quality went down a bit a while back according to a couple of people I know, a member here had a pair of them fail within six months and now won't touch them, if you scour the Internet there's also been a bad batch of swrd pumps in the last year or so leading to some twitchy bum moments from others, but again ash has one in his classic running nigh on 350 with meth with no reported problems

My rcm pump has been in since Dec with no ill effects so I'm happy with it plus the customer service is good mine arrived in under 24 hours of ordering,

There's also scooby worx

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