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Hi guys, just been told that from next week my 3 mile commute each way goes to a 35 mile each way journey. The good news it is it should only be for 2 months and my mileage will be paid at 45p per mile, the bad news is I only have my 2003 63k wrx to travel in.

It's been well maintained and seems to use no oil or water in the 4K and 6 months I've owned it, so should I be ok? And more importantly, will the expenses cover the wear and tear to be expected with this usage?

I've already told the missus if this is long term I will have to buy a second car and sell the motorbike, however if it is only for 2 months as told I'll stomach racking up the miles on my pride and joy (albeit winter and deepest darkest inbred Norfolk back roads)

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you do realise your only talking about 2-3k miles here? just brings an oil change slightly sooner that's all


don't worry about it, but as you say if its regular then a cheap daily drive will be a good idea

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They're getting me a hire car for now for 6 weeks until they know what's happening, so that's a bonus :-)

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Result .... worlds best car haha rag the hell out of it and don't have to worry! 


if you do have to use the scooby, 45p per mile will cover the costs for sure I was sent away on a course was 50miles there and back at 40p per mile for 5days so £20 a day!


I only spent 25-30 in fuel ( 1.5 ignis sport ) :D 



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