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Baileys DV12 dump valve


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Hi all I've recently become the proud owner of a 2004 impreza wrx blobeye with is basically box fresh apart from a ppp, the only thing i want to change about the car is the standard waste gate which i was looking to replace with a baileys DV12 dump valve, i was just wondering if anyone has fitted one in the past or is currently using one and what you would rate the noise as? Or if you had a better suggestion id love to hear it.


Many Thanks Aden

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I would recommend this:




Reason I recommend is because it is adjustable between fully atmospheric or fully recirc... or any combination in between!! If you go with a dump valve that is only atmospheric, there is a good chance you will get some lumpiness every now and again between gear changes because you have dumped all the air and you briefly run rich. I personally use the GFB one and have it almost fully atmospheric, just have a small amount of recirc to stop the lumpiness which I got occasionally. 

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