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Forester auto


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Hi all

I am in the process of replacing a 2001 C class Merc (with rust and numerous electric problems), and firstly looking for a higher car to get in and out of and was wondering if there are any members also have a auto forester who could give me any pointers, also how many miles per gallon would I expect to get from the auto version.

At the moment my VED is £290 and am getting 38 mpg.

As I am on fixed income it would good if I could better these figures.

Also what would the main points to look out for.

Many thanks in anticipation



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Drop David1972 a pm he's had a foz and now on a legacy so is the man to speak to,

I are you looking for a turbo or n/a car ? Either way I wouldn't expect to see a great deal more than 30-35 mpg on a good run, round town is more like mid to high 20 's

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I had a manual 2003 2.0 Foz and currently have a 3.0 Auto Outback......see below for my actual mpg readings - Foz was for 6 months Jan-July; Outback is for 1.5 years Jul-current day.


If you're looking at a turbo Foz you are more than likely looking sub 30; for normally aspirated I'd suggest low 30s

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