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do car firms think us drivers are stupid


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cars that turn them selfs on and off,wipers that come on when it rains,lights that come on when it drops dark and the latest, fog lights that come on when your turning.Why,what is the point,you dont look that close in front of you when driving so this idea is completely pointless,also i was sat out side a shop in car waiting for the gf and a vauxhall corser coming up road,indicated to turn right then right fog comes on,so the guy waiting to pull out pulls out thinking corser flashed him out and nearly ended in tears.i mean i no their is drivers out their that drive with out lights on but 99% drivers can turn their lights on them selfs,turn wipers on when water runs down windscreen and has good enough eye sight to be able to see and follow the line of a road without their lights flashing like a disco,n how much do they add on to car prices to give us these usless ideas.monday rant other thanks for listening  :wacko:

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You forgot lane departure warning, adaptive cruise and many others !

They are there because the consumer has asked ! Aparrently,

Still if it's in anything french it won't be working after about 10 minutes [emoji23]

At the end of the day it's more stuff to go wrong,

Seen the new Bentley suv ? 90 seperate ecu's [emoji50]

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Working on and driving lexuses on a daily basis, some features are handy- eg the auto wipers are good so you don't have to keep turning them on and off and adjusting speed when the rain slows down or speeds up- obviously we can do it but it's a lot nicer not having to! I agree though the fogs on indication are accidents waiting to happen...

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