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Destiny Taken King

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In all honesty Taken king is bigger than the original Destiny Game, it could be classed as Destiny 2 instead of an expansion.

At the end of the day Forza 6 is just an expansion of Forza 5 yet you were happy to pay the price of a full game for that.


Ok you didnt need F5 installed to play F6 but what has F6 actually offered game play wise over what F5 did? Just spruced up graphics and new cars. maybe a couple of new tracks


Taken king has spruced up graphics and new weapons new locations new raids and Bosses.



Tomay-to/Tomar-to :P

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Actually I wasn't happy to pay for it lol. I take it you didn't come in the forum for awhile then. But I also wouldn't call it an expansion either. It's the full version of forza 5 or what forza 5 should have been. I know Alex is well in to Destiny. As he came on to help me level up a bit.

But for me I think fallout 4 is where most of my gaming time will be for some time. :)

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Taken King only £28 on Amazon so super cheap to get the game and all the dlc. Bungee have said the plan is to do a large yearly dlc from now one as the first to "expansions" sucked for £20 each.

Taken King well worth it.

Also I am looking for a few to play with as haven't done any of the rades yet so Gambit get levelled up haha.

But Pete if you wanna do any let me know since I have an Xbox one now.


I make Films for businesses and people. I also make websites.

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Get an external one. I was planing to get a 4tb one but got loads of space at the moment so it's not a major problem yet.

Or like a 128gb usb drive is like £18....crazy.


I make Films for businesses and people. I also make websites.

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