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Fibreglass scoop?


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Currently trying to find an STI scoop for my WRX and the cheapest I've found is £130 and then I would need to get it painted black.


Found a few places that sell fibreglass ones, obviously advertised as very high quality and they are half the price (still need painted tho)


Anyone have any experience with fibreglass? Any issues or should I be good to go with it?

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Hi the one I got off eBay was fibreglass and it needed quite a bit of preparation with high build primer and blocking to get it to look flat they are great if you get it prepared right if you don't they look wavy when painted especially when the light catches it a certain way☺

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I'm gonna give my scoop to body shop to paint... I'll think i'll just get a 2nd hand genuine scoop from a blue scooby and get it painted, only works out around 50 quid more.


I managed to find an STI undertray on eBay for 40 quid... just need the scoop so when I fit the STI intercooler, I'll get the best from it.


Thanks for the input guys

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