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orange is the new anthracite

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Doh :( Can you get a guy to maybe pull it out . seen chap local to me pull all sorts out from bug dinks to just small dings even on a fold but did say once it's done it will be the best he can get it so not 100% needs a bodyshop otherwise but he;'s good and cheap :) 

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a dend master will be able to get it back out. I'll wait though as as soon as i get it done.. some plank will put another in the doors at a car park no doubt :(


just frustrating as i did it lifting the massive RECARO car seat in the back. and up to then the car had no knocks on body work

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I was getting mad OK I admit it haha [emoji1] can't remember what I was doing on the car but wasn't going well and the bonnet wouldn't shut so I just kep slamming it in a temper. Then got even.more mad [emoji106]

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Frustrating when you put a dink in your own motor but i must confess to doing the same with a boot lid, the catch loop needed adjusting but i worked that out after i had put a dent in it - fortunately i was able to tap it out from other side ☺

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