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hello im back broke my 2nd 5 speed box


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hi all im back!!! been out the game abit i was buying a block to start building a engine but i ended up buying a transit van for work lol lol , well i have broke my second 5 speed gearbox today i broke 4th gear somehow so as im eventually gonna be building a engine to go 400plus so im taking the plunge and im gonna be getting a non dccd  6speed box but im abit unsure in exactly what i need as im reading alot of different things etc mainly on the rear diff and shafts etc ,,,,, merry christmas everyone    anyone got any reliable info ,,,,

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Good to see you back but bad news with the gearbox bud

Google your ty ##### number off the white sticker on the bell housing to find out your ratio .

And find out what "R" number your current diff is (either a R160 or R180 ) .

If your lucky enough to find a 6 speed with the same ratio and diff type you'd only need ....

6 sp Gearbox

6sp Cradle /mounts

6 sp Gearknob/linkage

And 6 sp prop .

As the newage 5 speed box's

Clutch , slave,starter,fly, shafts,speed sensor ,front shafts are all compatable with 6 speed box . So if the ratio and diff type are the same you can leave everything original from the prop back and the flywheel forward on the car

If you can't find the right 6 speed you'll need the all above plus it's matching diff ,shafts and rear hubs (possibly brakes and discs as well)

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  cheers guys been well busy everything to do with the scoob has been on the back burner :(  :(   , i knew  savage would know  :D

so i will  be spending alot next year 6speed engine rebuild starting to suffer with bad piston slap  , im gonna be rebuilding the engine in the car now not getting a new block . so she will be off the road maybe for the year while i do everything 

good news is ive already bought some brembos lol but thats about it so far  :(


need to find out what the best flowing non avc heads are aswell im sure i read sti version 6 ????


oh i will be updating my buid thread when i start getting bits in  B)  B)

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It's a uk ratio mate it's a ty856wn3ca out of a uk 2003 pro drive Sti   😄  Not driven  her yet waiting for a new inner cv boot I split and some poly arb bushes but can't wait to see how she fills 

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Think that's the last year they used the male driveshafts on the front ,so they're might be other differences .

mine was out of a 04 uk sti with the Prodrive performance package (the Ppp is a bonus as you get a short shift gear linkage)

I've found 1 st and 3rd seem to be shorter than my old UK turbos 5 speed set up but I've dropped about 500 rpm @ 70 mph in 6 th [emoji41]

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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