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New scooby owner

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hi there new to the site and a new Scooby owner.


I previously owned a 1.9cdti sri astra 2006 which was alright but a ball ache when I was putting my nipper in her car seat because it was a 2 door. so I was thinking to myself I want a fast 4 door car with a big boot for the pram and all the other crap so I thought a classic wagon would be alright to smoke about in. I got a quote on a few wagons and it was £1 cheap to inusre than my astra ?!?!?!?!?! no idea how so I went shopping for one. so I was on the internet every day and night trying to find the right one to buy after about a week later a 2007 GB270 popped up for sale Id had never seen one before but I decided there and then that I have to have it so again like you do I got an insurance quote it was £15 pound cheaper a month than my astra I was laughing out loud to my self as I couldn't believe it so I did the quote again and it was correct god knows how haha.i went to the bank got my money out and went to pick the car up the same day I looked over it not a scratch or mark was on the car it has been really looked after so I bought it and drove home with a big grin on my face. it had 1 owner from new 81k on the clock with full Subaru history. its standard engine  wise but it has big brake conversion on the front k-sport 8 pots, BC coilovers and a cobra exhaust . this year ill be throwing some money at it I want about 370bhp and then ill be happy with that. 


Thanks for reading ill put some pictures up :)  



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