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Hi all I'm new to Subaru wrx (moved over from st225 focus) just bought a 2001 wrx ,need some tips ,have got in panel filter catback pipe 3prt valve and looking to get a remap ,can anybody recommended and what sort of bhp should I expect and any other mod with out going Otto ,thanks

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Up pipe is a must. The cat inside has tendency to break apart and destroy the turbo. You won't need to buy anything, just take it out and pull the guts out and fit it back :) Great cheap mod B) It is doable DIY, if you are handy you could do it in 2-3 hours. You could also remove your 2nd cat from downpipe and leave only one. It will get you thru MOT if thats your concern ;)

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OK mate ,I would need long drill hammer screw driver ,I have a jack Axel stands etc,just thought it would be good to do that and fit the still 3port valve before remap ? Also does anybody know the rubber vacume pipe dia I need to use ?

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It would be best if that 3 port solenoid was fitted for remap, you could just take it with you and let them fit it. Shouldn't charge you more that half an hour labour.

Also, have a look here for some good advice:


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