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Have an overheating problem...


suspected rad failure as can see slight coolant build up on top of the rad, think I may need a new one...


Any recommendations? Could do with a new one asap and not looking for anything special just one that does the job...standard 2002 wrx bug so nothing major to cool just standard components all in the usual places.


Any help much needed here do not need this right now.


Live in the south east UK West Sussex


I have seen that Euro Car Parts do one for £60-£70 next day delivery...anyone know if these are any good?



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It's actually spread across the top of the rad so I can't pin point.

The plastic expansion tank (I assume this is the one behind the rad and not the tank further back with a proper rad cap on) has a slow but steady stream of small bubbles coming through and I think over the last 2 days it has lost a small amount of coolant.

I can't see any cracks but am aware this is a common fault on the rads. Have bought a new one and fitting Wednesday so I'm hoping that's the solution.

I take it you don't think it is something more sinister than that?

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Quick update in case anyone else suffers similar issues

found a barely visible hairline crack on the plastic at the top of the rad, got a replacement from euro car parts and very impressed, fit perfectly and seems to be doing the job nicely

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Thanks this is my first scoob and I'm learning so much from it. As you said the only time coolant became visible (steam) was over 3K rpm. I think it was a good time to flush the system anyway. 

Took a fair while to bleed though :D

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