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Impreza speaker issue

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Bit of a strange one this. May be unrelated but I fitted my upper front strut brace today and after driving for a few minutes my speakers started to drop in and out. I've got the centre console out and tested resistance on all four speakers with a good steady number so I can rule out broken looms. It's not even one speaker each time it's all four together. My thoughts are considering a dodgy earth although voltage reads fine. It would answer why all 4 drop together. They're constantly off now unless I hit a bump in the road when they will come on for a split second. Could the strut brace have caused some kind of issue with earthing? My mind has been boggled.

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Is it just sound your loosing or power to the head unit ?

Have you tapped into the ignition live while fitting gauges and disturbed a wire while fitting the brace ?

Maybe try removing the head unit from the cage plugging it back in and giving the plug a wiggle while it's playing to rule out the plug .

Or running a temporary earth to the head unit to see if that resolves it

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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Didnt see your post savage, tapatalk unsubscribe me sometimes. Thank you for your reply. First off, got it sorted now.

Tried numerous temp earths and no joy. Tried different head units. Took out a spare speaker and held wires on each speaker out from radio no joy. Then...unplugged the speaker loom and the spare worked!!! Hacked the loom and tested each speaker individually to find the rear passenger has failed. Reconnected all speakers bar that one. It was easier to cut the loom than start taking door cards off.

All sorted for now on 3 speakers. Gonna find some replacements but I'm on a buying ban due to coilovers and braces.

Bit of a strange one indeed.

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