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Maintenance before modification


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Evening all.

I'm after some advice from all of you more knowledgeable people. Before I decide to blow things up by pushing things into the skys.lol id like to carry out a change of oil, gear box oil and spark plugs.

with my car being a 2000 turbo with the EJ257 which spark plugs do I need? I know I want NGK iridiums but which ones?

What oil is best for an oil change and which filter to use?

What oil to use for a gear box oil change?

Thanks in advance I know this is all a bit of a noob situation but with it having a different engine I'm a little lost.

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Do you know if you're running a ej25 long engine or ej20 heads on a ej25 bottom end ?

As there's a difference in the length of the spark plugs used in the 2.5ltr and 2.0ltr heads .

As for brand most of us run "ngk heat 7's "

I use red line shock proof gearbox oil it's about £80 but it's supposed to be rated fairly well.

Rear diff oil is always worth doing at the same time 😉

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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Personally I use  http://www.ngkpartfinder.co.uk/cars_commercial.php?type=SPARK%2520PLUGS for selecting spark plugs.

and http://applications.castrol.com/oilselector/en_gb/c/search?vehicleType=cars for oils.

You need to know the model of car your engine goes with.

Use genuine a Subaru oil filter.


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I've never seen 2.5 heads myself its just Simon roe said a customer put the wrong length plugs in a 2.5 conversion before (so I know there's a difference in plug length )

I think Most scooby conversion use the original cars version heads .As these mean you can retain the "cars" original inlet manifold ,auxiliaries, loom and ecu but there are conversion inlet spacers available that let you change "phases" of inlets

Do you know what phase it's running?

The reg means it should be a v5/v6 phase 2 with side feed injectors.

My best punt would be to whip one of the plugs out and either measure ,read the part number on it or take it down to a local parts place and get some heat 7's of the same size

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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