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Choosing a new exhaust give your experiences and preferences.


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Been looking at new exhaust systems for my blob wrx and just seeing what you guys have experience with and any to really avoid my ideal spec is more based around performance gains than noise as I would like to be able to go for track sessions without breaking the sound limits they enforce.

I did see a second hand Blitz Nur spec R at a fair price but fear it will be too loud although it does sound lovely so it is tempting!

I seem to be leaning towards something more like one of the Milltek sport cat back systems though - resonated or non-resonated?

Also seen the full japspeed decat systems with downpipe but heard the quality and fitting isn't so great after being warned about various other japspeed parts not fitting well feeling like I should avoid them?


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Full cobra race exhaust will do the numbers and is quiet enough for track days, no way will a nur spec get on a track day without a bung which will sap the power.


yeah i woudl stay clear of japspeed, tend to find cheap parts are cheap for a reason, typicly they are generic parts thrown into a kit hence hte poor fitment issues

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