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I'm Dan, from South Wales. I have myself a classic wagon that's pretty standard..... Always wanted one sine my old man bought one new when I was 17 an the bugget wouldn't let me drive it! Anyway, looking for a good group of people to talk to an get advice..... An within the next year I'm looking to buy a blobeye wagon

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Hi All,

i bought myself a Blobeye last year that needed a little TLC.

Having sorted the essentials (decent maintenance and now rust free bodywork), I've started to add my finishing touches; like gold wheels etc.

Due to a scuff mark and small crack on the centre console, I was looking at replacements; but are fairly expensive (for what it is).

I've recently been looking in to carbon fibre wrapping and decided that I'd give it a go; if only to discount the option.

Anyway, the first time I had a go; the adhesive backing didn't appear to be strong enough - so a few bubbles appeared. I removed it all and had a second go, but this time I sprayed Evo-Stik glue on the back to strengthen the job; which appears to have worked. Note, I sprayed on the back only; so I could still remove if it goes pair shaped..!

Has anyone had a go at carbon fibre wrapping their console, be interested to know your success stories or otherwise ;)


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