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New to Subaru..

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So after a few years with a Audi A4 3.0TDI, rising costs saw me chop it in and join the Subaru club for the first time.

I was also tempted by either the petrol or diesel Ford ST's but thought I would be a bit different - and looking for a reliable long lasting motor went for the Levorg.

What I hear you cry... yup you heard right!

Currently had it just over a month I have clocked just over 2000 miles of cruising up and down the M25. Other than collecting miles I seem to be already collecting stone chips and scratches as every lorry I overtake is dumping them in the road :(

So far quite impressed - its not a speed demon (though "sport" mode does give it is a nice punch through the pretend gears of the CVT) - much more a cruiser (or GT!)

The interior for me is solid - feature rich in the important stuff, and nicely finished. Its not an Audi, but nothing wobbles or feels like an afterthought.

Hoping to get to Brands to see the Levorg Touring in action in April!

I honestly cannot see myself modding the car - I have added a few of the various accessories to the car just to finish it off.. now I am hoping for years of trouble free motoring.

Coming from an auto, the CVT is fine (if a bit noisy) - my only wish is a bit more a growl from the flat four when you put your foot down.

Not actually seen another one on the road down in Kent so far.

More than happy to answer any questions on the car from an actual owner - as I am not sure I have seen any others on here yet.





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Hi mate welcome to S.O.C feel free to get stuck in and share any pictures good bunch on here all friendly.  And not seen many people on here with a Levorg you maybe the first which is great to see. Have to get you guys your own Levorg section set up. 

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