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I'm looking a 2.0R 160 and I need know all about it.


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Hi guys! I just create an introduction post, inside I explain that I'm searching a new car. I don't need WRX or STI, I will use for adverse weather conditions (i don't know if English exist this term).

I need know all about this car, main problems, maintenance, experience...


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Without out the turbo, imprezas are pretty dam bullet proof. Suffer from typical bodywork issues like rear arches, but with the lower power they run and run and run.

Decent service history and check they havnt been crashed, but beyond that there a very goo car.


Only downside to em is they arn't great on fuel even none turbo.

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18 hours ago, steveuk260 said:

Which you will find is quiet good for a AWD 2L petrol car

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That is true but we didn't buy it with fuel economy as a priority, function first and foremost

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