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RX Upgrades

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hello, just brought my first subaru, ive always loved the hatchback models.

anyway was wondering what upgrades would be best to get the most power out of it? and what sort of price would i be looking at to turbo it? ive just had a custom cat back fitted so it sounds a hell of a lot nicer.

thanks in advance! 

12674925_980112432074822_394694276_o (1).jpg

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I wouldnt go down the turbo route as there is so much to change you would be better starting with one with a turbo already.

From a power perspective short of a less restirictive exhaust and a high flow panel filter you wont see much improvement with a large spend of cash.

Focus instead on handling and power to weight ratio, remove what you can from the car and upgrade suspension brakes and anti roll bars

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Upgrading the air intake and exhaust I would recommend. I felt like this helped a bit at low revs but that could just be me. I am about to have new springs installed over the next week or so see if that improves the handling.

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