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Impreza wrx sti wagon bottom end rattle bought as project car

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Just bought this wrx sti import as a 'non runner' though it starts and ticks over then bottom end rattle. I have bought the car as a long term project with the aim of engine rebuild as I was guessing that's better than risking a second hand engine also wanted to keep the engine numbersize the same. Looks like I'm not going to have a lot of change from £2500 for the rebuild. Sound about Right? I paid £1600 for the car seems in good overall condition 77,000 miles. It's not going to be my daily driver, just weekend fun.


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Hi Geoff, I bought the car from a new neighbour, who rebuilds them for a living. He very kindly has let me buy the car in installments and let me garage it. I am no expert in these cars with my only experience being 2 x Nissan z and a UK legacy turbo auto. I didn't realise the value of these older STI's. He has it on eBay with 4 days left and up to £1420. He kindly cancelled the auction and let me buy the car over 4 installments for £1600. So I'm guessing I can't be to far off the mark. He has quoted me £1000 labour for the rebuild and I might have some change from £1500 from the parts he was talking about changing parts in the engine to make it stronger not faster, he also says the clutch should be changed and turbo sent off to be refurbished as that's best practise. He has shown me some of his workman ship not that I would have a clue


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Fair play to him for sorting you out! Id say youve got a good deal.  I would def say chuck some up rated internals in while its apart, silly not to for the money.  Clutch is a no brainer, I like my Exedy btw, good all rounder.

So is the plan to pay it off then get him working on it?  Get a build thread going when its under way.

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Yes I will pay it off by July then have to save for the rebuild. Can't see it on the road before next summer. It's going to need MOT. Interior is mint, bodywork all very good except one bad repair on a rear arch that will need cutting out repairing and repainting including the rear door part repaint to make it perfect again. 


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Thanks. It will take a while but hopefully worth it. I'm doing it to keep not to sell on. Im keeping it as it is apart from getting her roadworthy. Only extras I can see are wheels that seem to imply by codes on them that they are subaru STI but I guess from a later car as 18inch. Tyres are brand new. Only extras I can see are HKS turbo timer, Bailey dump valve, engine strut, and some gadget that records boost over a journey and springs are green20160325_140234.jpg

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