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Can anyone identify these clips??


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Sorry to crash your forum. I'm hoping to get some help from some Subaru experts! I have some plastic trim clips and I was hoping someone can confirm which model Impreza they are used on? I should declare that we are a business who sell these so I won't post the link as I know that's generally against forum rules. We've just been given some conflicting info by our supplier so I figured I'd ask some experts. I think they're side skirt clips...

Any help would be amazing!



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yup similar to the wheel arch and skirt clips on my Impreza hatch - although mine do not have the foam. There are different size clips on my impreza so some dimensions may help identify additional applications

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Classic imprezas (92 to 00 ) use these in quite a few places .

Arch liners.

Front bumpers.

Rear bumpers.

Boot trim .

And interior trim .

They do use other different sized and shaped clips in those areas as well as the ones in your pic . Just thought I'd mention that as you wouldn't be able to brand them as a set of "complete" fixings for those areas [emoji6]

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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There is no right or wrong answer. On blob they hold all sorts of things, from boot liners to bumpers and wheel liners. Haven't seen them with foam pads tho. They do vary in sizes depending where use. Also they are not specific to subarus. All make and models use em.

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