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Gear change issue

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I have a slight issue with gear changes, at an every day just popping to the shops speed, foot all the way to the floor on the clutch, from first to second there is a slight crunch/grind, occasionally its there changing to other gears but its mainly second i notice it.

The gear stick has a lot of play in it, and i have to change gear very methodically in all gears. If i change from 4th to 5th it grinds on reverse as i move across and then go up into 5th, i have developed a way of avoiding this most of the time tho. 

I darent even consider suddenly changing from 5th to 3rd to overtake because of the bouncing off all the gears and accidentally dropping it into a different gear, I tried to drop from 5th to 4th and put it in second without realising once. There seems to be no resistance or feel of control when moving the gear stick. Driving carefully and like a sunday driver its fine, but anything else is out the window.

Does this sound like gear linkage as i suspect (from reading other posts), or something else, or gear linkage and something else?

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it sounds like the linkage needs a refresh if the gear selection is a bit vague. Have you checked the gearbox oil level and condition of the clutch fluid ?

Do you know when the gearbox, diff , clutch plate and clutch fluid were last changed ?

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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Hi Savage,

Yes ive checked the gearbox oil level, It might need a top up, but not desperately i think. im a bit vague because despite wiping the stick twice i couldnt get a definite level reading, it was somewhere between low and full, ill check again when its been parked on the level for a while and not been driven for an hour or two.


A full service of all the fluids has been planned for my own piece of mind and i want to start a history,  Theres not much paper work, basically an old boy has owned it since import in 94, its been parked in a garage and driven to the shops and back every now and then, hes a mechanic and done all the work himself. He changed the belts, tyres and Battery before selling it.  The engine oil looks fresh tho.

It has some clutch judder, a lot less since ive owned it and driven it every day, but i dare say that will need replacing soon.

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Worth double checking fluid levels.  Gear oil can make a big difference. 

As sav says it def sounds like a linkage refresh is in order whatever.

Some bits worth doing to eliminate worse case which would be the synchro. 

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