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Engine management light flash

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Hi all! 

Brought my first Scooby about three weeks back, and I fell in love with it straight away! It's a bugeye WRX wagon.The car is completely standard bar a prodrive Backbox & an STi intercooler. Cambelt, tensioner & pulley was done 2k ago.

Yesterday I accelerated hard in 4th, and when I got to about 80, the engine management light flashed on/off for about 10 seconds.. It's not come on since & the car drives fine. I'm completely bamboozled! The boost reading was normal, any ideas? 

Any help would be much appreciated, as I'm not able to get it in to a garage till next week. 

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Will do as soon as I get the chance mate, any idea what it could be? From past experience maybe? Like I said I've not been a Scooby owner long, so I'm just really confused why it flashed for a bit then went off. 

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flashing ECL can be misfire detected, worth checking plugs & leads if no useful codes or other faults found .

Make sure plug gaps sensible & decent brand & right model while you have them out as when on boost the higher compression & more fuel creates greater resistance for the spark ...

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