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Rear diff filler plug


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Does anybody know the correct size for the square tool to undo the rear diff fill plug.  I had a universal tool which seemed to be 12mm but it broke under loading so need to buy the correct tool

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15 hours ago, JamesJDMwagon said:

Isn't 13mm half an inch? 


15 hours ago, Sandals said:

It is indeed...


Not exactly, it close . . . 26mm is not an inch .

you will find quality 13mm drain wrench sockets a tighter fit & less likely twist out on tight plugs .


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anticlockwise to undo.

if reel tight be sure plug hole cleaned out so square socket fits deeply so less chance of turning itself out the plug hole .

problem using 1/2 inch ratchet or extensions is tip is tapered & domed so don't get full depth grip plus it slightly too small, works ok until get tight ones, then it rounds the plugs out & I get the job of removing them by welding a bolt into the fooked plug hole .

If don't budge try some gentle heat.

I always refit these plugs with 3 turns of PTFE tape as doesn't weep, no need do murder tight plus it acts as barrier between the 2 differing metals stopping corrosive seizing issues ...

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