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subaru impreza wrx wagon bugeye


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hey guys 

recently purchased my second impreza after many years of wanting another, and yes im so !Removed! glad i did!!!!, had a 330i sport previous but grew bored with it fast, everytime i get in the subaru its just an instant smile, anyway shes an 2002 wrx wagon bugeye in the lovely desirable blue heres a pic, btw no engine mods she is completely standard, what do you think of the graphite grey alloys?.... oh allmost forget she does 0-60 in 5.7 secs timed it twice with my pal in the car, not bad concidering its done 100kand no upgrades


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On 7/17/2016 at 10:04 PM, GeoffLeggy said:


There is a definite trend of people moving from BMW to Subaru's!  

Looks really nice, especially with the graphite alloys :thumbsup:

thats because bmw are over priced peace's of crap :laugh: @qprman75 nice wagon mate,i like the wheels they look good with the blue and a change from the gold,wish i never sold the bug wagon i had,but 2 late now and i wont be taking advice from my mrs again.

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