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Td05 top exit turbo question


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Someone might call me stupid but i only had this little thought but if I bought a top entry tdo5 could I cut the top bit off which would make it into a front entry instead or would this not work thanks 

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Once the actuator is removed mark the position of both hot and cold sides before undoing anything. The coldside is held onto the core with a big circlip at the back and the hotside is held on with a "v band" type join (10mm bolt ). I cut the end off the cast "elbow" on the coldside and had it welded back together. As long as you don't take the core apart you won't need to get the turbo rebalanced [emoji6]

Heres my Converted coldside that will just swap over with the top entry one (£40 posted if you want it )


And here's the only pic I can find from when I converted from front entry to top and removed the hotsides


If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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