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Recommend me a mapper/bolt on advice.


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alright lads, as you may or may not have read ive been working on a subaru since jan this year and i think its time to start planning a retune. The car has 130k miles on it, the bottom end was gone so was replaced with a good block and the older heads where checked over and bolted on with cometic gaskets!

i have on the car right now:

TD04, Full decat exhaust system, a type ra gearbox, kn panel filter, stock intercooler. stage 2 exedy clutch

what i want from my build is massive amounts of torque; i want fast 1-2 punches VS a massive uppercut.

to achieve this i have brought:

syms racing manifold (elh)

in the garage i have some phase 2 yellow injectors, a chinese FMIC kit.

i was thinking of going with the esl daughterboard from my v4 impreza.

i think my main question would be, considering my setup:

What would be the max WHP i should try to achieve

i was considering the afp4h turbo; What would be the best matched turbo for my build and goals?

Who would be the best tuner for me to go to? i know duncan from race dynamics comes close by to RCM to retune.

is it worth getting my car checked over by a professional before going for the "mission" if so, whats the best place nearby leicester?

thanks for reading! 

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Was chatting to someone last week and he said the Andy forest hybrid 04's are no longer available, maybe worth a check,

With the td04/04 hybrid you wouldn't see much past 300bhp as they can't get any more out of them, you'll get around 280ftlbs of torque though, the fmic will increase lag so may be worth reverting to a new age or v3/4 sti top mount ?

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Isn't scooby world near you ?

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I second what stants said about a tdo4 turbo and a fmic would be overkill .

A vf34 would spool earlier than a tdo5 16g and would max out at your 330hp target with a v3/v4 sti tmic.

But don't under estimate the uppercut of the fmic and tdo5 16g combo .


Cos with supporting mods it packs quite a punch [emoji6]

Is tdr or rm racing near you , as a few people have had good things to say about them . Although rm racing is run by 2 ex api engine and box builders and I don't think they do mapping "in house"

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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Vf34 or td05? I honestly don't want to put in the Chinese fmic (unless you guys give me the thumbs up) prob get a new age fmic mod it in or got my eyes on a v3/4 sti tmic

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