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A broken 300s


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Well I've longed to own an STI for years and finally got an 09 plate 330s in Dec 14. 

Lovely car, but after 7 months (2.5k miles) it started smoking on startup. Took it in and discovered a cracked ringland. Had the engine rebuilt with forged internals, uprated bearings, head studs, gaskets etc and got going again. A gentle run in 1200 miles and then oil change. 800 miles later - the headgasket went. now, on pulling the studs out, the threads came out of the block with 2 of them. 

So it's waiting to be priced up and I'm gutted. Going to have to get rid, as I can't afford this. The first rebuild (£6k) was done by Prosport in Stockport, but it was sold half way through my car being done (took Pete 9 months to get the car back to me). 

I wish it could have been a more cheerful first post (almost), after years of looking at them, but frown.gif

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If the company is still trading as same name (bear in mind need to know what the parent company is, some company's have trading names, which isn't always a bad sign by the way), may well find your covered under the sale of goods act.


Sounds like the headstuds were cocked up being put and heads have lifted and blown the gasket out :(

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a quick update

bottom line seems to be stay away from Pete, who used to own Prosport in Stockport - he's ignoring my texts and emails. maybe he did good work once upon a time, but it seems he's no longer concerned about letting substandard work go out and has no interest in standing behind his work when something goes wrong either.

he has, interestingly, contacted the garage where my car is now and offered to come in on a Sunday and rebuild the bottom end. i've told the garage I don't want him doing this. a)it's nowhere near enough of a contribution and b) if things do go !Removed! up again and he's done some of the work, he'll blame the garage and they'll blame him

so the garage is in the process of doing the work - they'll have the block milled for 14mm studs etc and go from there. quote of £2.8k (incl VAT) all in.

i'm going to have to do it, as the car isn't worth much as a non-runner.

then try and see if i can pursue Pete down legal channels - and taking advice on this first, given he's sold Prosport.

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Sorry to hear mate similar thing happened with my mates litchfield they did take it back and full rebuild on it. But I guess they had to he was driving home after just buying it :dry: But he wasn't ever happy with it after and has since sold it. 

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One reason why I prefer standard bolts over standard size studs when not going silly on build, basically if keep standard rods we also build with standard bolts & good smooth finish on block & head faces
you should be able rework to larger head fittings and hopefully not at your expense, would imagine if company in a transition during your build things might of been careless ! Is bad situation on a 6k rebuild especially close to standard tune one . fingers crossed you not out of pocket but I expect it won't be easy resolve with company as most these tuners sellout/setiup new due to debts & court cases under old business .

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