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Hi all. I bought the car from dealer Aeroautomotive 3 weeks ago , near Chepstow. advertised as having both keys. when took delivery was told that one set had been mislaid. I have contacted them several times since returning from a 2 week holiday. No response.  I have checked with main dealer and they have quoted £320 for replacement and reprogramme both keys; Ouch!  have checked with Timpsons,high street. separate key and fob £200. Any other options Guys.

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If it was sold on that premise and you have it in writing then you've been misled. If it was genuinely misplaced then fair enough but you wouldn't be wrong to expect they pay for a key or they discount the price up you can buy one.

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key with transponder chip programmed (copied from other oem key) is about £30

If have the sigma m30 alarm then you can get fobs off eBay & they can be programmed to alarm easily by yourself, don't fall into dealer trap or silly money fees . fobs are anything from £15 range .

Do be aware you have two alarm parts, the subaru oem transponder chip in key head that controls ecu inbuilt immobiliser (eu cars must have this)
second is the cat1 alarm fob (sigma made the cover & board to fit standard subaru remote locking all in one key & fob)
*Any decent auto key cutter can do the key cut & key transponder programming.
*Any matching button (have 1 button & 2 button option) m30 fob can be programmed to your sytem
*You should also have a manual 4 digit code to use in alarm keypad found in coin flip down tray near driver right knee , don't panic if don't have code as easy program new one as long as have at least one working remote (sort pin code first/quick to save serious hassle ;-) )

Your car dealer should indeed refund cost but it easily sorted .


I do at least 2 key/fob jobs a month, is also possible buy built in fob key from breaker or online & swap the key shank (cut, lapped & rivet, & swap/fit small transponder chip into the button fob section .

links below to help >

m30 alarm manual >


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