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Blobeye Suspension/Geometry setup

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Hi Guys,

 Iv just done a big overhaul on my wrx blobeyes suspension-

bc coilovers

front and rear Whiteline arb's

whiteline anti lift kit

powerflex arm bushes 

new inner and outter trackrods

new balljoints

godspeed discs and pads (Brembo calipers)


So its in Dire need of a good setup/alignment. I know where i will be taking it to be done (A line in Dudley) but my question is, Has anyone got any info/spec that i can get them to set it upto? Iv found the Prodrive geo spec for a bugeye (dont know if that will be the same on the blob, carnt imagen it would be different or far off) 

got a trackday at Snetterton booked for the 19th of sept so want to get it setup so i can get abit used to it before then.

Thanks in advance 



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Been looking for that to post on here but I can't find it on my phone lol .

That's the geo set up I went for on my classic as I read (somewhere) that the classic prodrive set up works well but tends to scrub the front tyres a bit .

Like ghost said " I don't know if it's any good for newage" but after 1.5k miles of mainly b road driving I haven't spotted any odd tyre wear yet .

I'm sure a few newage drivers on here have had a "none oe" set up done , hopefully one will spot this post and point you in the right direction.

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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