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New to Subaru


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Hi everyone, I bought an imprezza recently, one of those ones with the slightly longer rear end (needed to be able to get pram into car)

I've heard they're pretty bulletproof so I throught I'd give one a go

In the past I've owned and worked on a few ford fiestas and escorts, 3 different BM 3-series, a Volvo 360GLS, a Honda Civic, an Accord, a Vauxhall vectra (yes, I know, dont get me started..) and im sure something else that I cant remember.. anyway so I know my way around a car

Just thought I'd join up, say hi and see if anyone can offer me any details on my car, what model is it, what should I look out for, 'if it was mine I would,,,; etc are all wecome comments

it's a 2.0ltr n/a, Im not interested in turbos or engine swaps, I might look into power gains later, but any info on good upgrade calipers and discs would be interesting.. for now it just needs tidying up a bit really

if all goes to plan a series of photos should now follow:












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Hello & welcome

Yours will be a blob eye gx impreza wagon.

As for the calipers & discs 4pots from a Wrx of the same year will bolt straight up but you would need to go to a 17" rims for them to clear the 294mm discs.

Getting more power out of the n/a cars is pretty fruitless as costs a fortune,

Handling mods would be a better place to start you can get so many after market bits it's just a question of shopping around, scoobyparts, as performance and many others will gladly

Exchange your hard earned for shiny bits,

Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk

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Welcome Stuart!

Looks like a tidy motor. Reversing sensors and a nice bumper gaurd! 

Think stants has covered most things. You could easily spend what the cars worth on bits. I would trawl eBay and see what you can find on the cheap.

If you have any questions just dive in and ask. 

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