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help/advice needed


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hi all
i have a 2002 impreza wxr that blew the big ends. i bought a 1998 type r sti engine to stick back in the hole but discovred today that the bolt holes for the inlet manifold are different ?
does anyone know if there is a way i can get around this ? the inlet manifold that goes with the car has sensors on it that the older classics didnt have and am not sure if i can get away with just putting a classic manifold on it ? 
any advice and help much appreciated as its currently stuck on the lift with no engine 
thanks !

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7 hours ago, kayzarh said:

As far as I'm aware you need a type r/ra manifold to house the fifth injector!

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the fifth injector ? 
the actual inlet bolt holes are completly different from the inlet i have.

on the engine i bought the bolt holes are in a strait line (version 1-2) where as on my inlet the bolt holes are staggred ?

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They changed the shape of the inlet on new age engines,

If you get a new age inlet to fit you should be able to make it work but need some electronic craftsmanship as well

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I've only ever dealt with v1 92 to v4 98 and they all run the same "inline stud patterns" on the inlets .

I think you can buy "inlet manifold phase adapters " to convert the early classic phase 1 &1.5 head stud patterns to take a newage inlet manifold.

If the coil pack is in the middle of the inlet on the donor engine it's classed as a "v3/v4 phase 1.5 " set up . I know After 98 the classics run a" phase 2" inlet manifold set up with a different stud pattern but I'm unsure if the newage run the same phase 2 stud patterns as the late classics.

Hopefully a bit of a google for ....

Phase 1.5 v4 impreza classic newage inlet conversion or phase 1.5 to newage inlet stud pattern adapters .

Might give you a answer but it would obviously be easier to use a newage wrx long engine .

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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