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Bug-eye impreza wrx problem

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Hi I recently bought a 2001 bug-eye impreza wrx and it is down on power. I checked the 0-60 time and it was 8 seconds. Even the day I bought it driving along on dual carriageway in 5th gear passing a car it felt sluggish. It even takes a few seconds to start. Like you turn the key and hold it to start for a few seconds before it starts. I recently cleaned the maf sensor but the car is still the same. Anybody any idea what is wrong? It has high mileage 175000 miles. It also has had a lot of owners. 13 to be exact.

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Do you have a boost gauge?

First thoughts are you're not getting full boost. Check all boost pipes for leaks.

Any overheating or loss of water?

Putting it on a dyno may help too. It'll show you boost and Afr. Plus gives you a power reading.

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Welcome to the club!

Might be a good idea to do some maintenance on it as well, chuck in some redex fuel additive to help break down any crap in your fuel lines. Might want to change your fuel filter as well if you don't know if/when it was last changed.

I agree with Scoobyghost... check your boost pipes are still all tight,  make sure the recirc valve is not leaking boost either (assuming it's standard)

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