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possible misfire problems when pulling away...


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Morning all,


Im having a few problems with my 2000 WRX turbo after the weekend of fitting new parts, these parts include new knock sensor, new vapour canister, new crank shaft sensor, and new air filter.

These parts where changed as there was a VERY SLIGHT miss fire when around the 3k rev mark but she pulled through well enough after a second or 2. However, since fitting all the new parts there is a major "cough and splutter" that happens when pulling away at low revs (e.g. when at rolling speed in 2nd gear she bounces and kicks like crazy) the only thing left i can think it could be would be the ignition coil pack itself (the plugs and leads are all new this year) but i am a bit reluctant to do this as brand new they are around £200-£250 and I've just had to spend £600 on a vet bill for the dog.


has anyone else encounter this problem (the car not the dog) and what was done to fix it?


Many Thanks,


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3 hours ago, stants said:

Hello & welcome, have you reset the ecu? It will take the car a while to re learn the parameters as sensors have been changed

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Hey there and thanks :)

Yes the ECU has been reset (disconnected the Battery for few minutes) and all engine codes have disappeared..... (had the knock sensor code up but thats now gone)

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update the air filter is an induction kit with a silver universal cone filter which only allows air in from the top end (not the sides) could it not be getting enough air intake? should i buy another which has the "mesh" going all round to allow more air flow or shouldn't that cause a problem? as i say it was riding lumpy before all the new bits where fitted but now its gotten even worse :(


please someone help :(

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9 minutes ago, Tidgy said:

Get it to a specialist and let them have a look, could carry on chasing it round the engine bay and still not find it.

trying to avoid that though mate can't afford it at the minute :( lol

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4 minutes ago, MJP02 said:

if you kept the old bits I would swap them back 1 by 1 and see if 1 makes a distinct difference, cheapest way at the moment

sounds like a good idea my friend, this is the reason i always keep my old bits for a few weeks or even months sometimes, "just in case" lol

I swapped the air filter over during my lunch break as thats the easiest and quickest to do so will test that on the way home :blink:

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I swapped the vapour canisters back and swapped a one way vacuum pipe to facing the other way (and messed about with a few other bits and bobs) last night in the dark with a tiny torch that cuts out every 5mins (was not a fun evening at all) and hey presto its working so far.... so not sure if it was the canister or the pipe but either way I'm a happy choppy this morning :)

Thanks for the advice people

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