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Blob Impreza oil level

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I've been checking this religiously since I got her. I know subarus are known to be hard to check accurately but...

My oil level on the dipstick is continually well above the max. I park on as near as damn it level ground...if anything the rear of the car is slightly lower.

Do I have too much oil in, or is this normal for the blob?


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How much is well over ? Above the 'hot oil notch' or level with it when cold, how long are you letting between parking up and checking ?

Mine takes a good 3-4hours before the oil is cool enough to register normal levels

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I have never owned a car that I've had problems dipping the oil until I owned a wrx, they are honestly an absolute pain in the arris to read the oil level, I've done it hot,cold,warm and am never confident of where it's actually up to as both sides of the dipstick are always a good half inch difference from each other !

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28 minutes ago, david1972 said:

@gambit knows all about wiping his stick after pulling it out....

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Certainly do my favourites using the curtains..... Oh you're on about the dipstick yeah it's best to wipe that too but on some old rag or equivalent  :wink:

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