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Advice Needed - Timing Belt 2009 WRXS


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Looking for a bit of advice/recommendations. Basically need to change the timing belt on my WRX-S hatch and am not sure what option to go for - Gates, Cosworth, Sti, Tomei belt?? Also whether or not I need to replace the tensioner, pulleys and water pump?? Seems like a good idea to do everything while I'm in there but is it actually required at 66000 miles?? If I was changing the water pump what's out there? Genuine one from Subaru is £212 which I refuse to pay 😜 Can get one from RCM for half that, but have also found blueprint and aisin ones for £40-£60. Has anyone any experience with these? The car is standard at the moment with the exception of and H&S mid section but I'll be installing Perrin intake, lightweight pulley, FPR, Fuel Pump, 3 port boost solenoid and BOV over the next wee while. Any suggestions appreciated. Cheers

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belt yes,

tensioner does eventually leak so a good idea.

pulleys only really if the bearings in them are going

water pump no need


avoid cheap copys, if one of them fails highly probable that's your engine gone with it


will need mapping for those mods

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Appreciate that Tidgy. The Gates timing belt kit says that the pulleys and tensioner are made by the same people that Subaru are supplied with Koyo and NTN and the water pump is made in Japan - GMB. Can pick that all up for £200. Would that seem like a good replacement? Yeah once ive gathered all the mods together I'll be booking it in with Andy Forrest to get it mapped 😁

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