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finally own a WRX


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About 2 months ago, i decided to get rid of one of my bikes and get myself an impreza, always wanted one from when the classic ones appeared ( i'm 37 ) so trawling eBay for a few weeks nothing took my fancy until i spotted a nice black/blue 2002 model, and a deal was done 

list of mods 

Pro-drive headlights

18'' x 9.5'' Bola B2 alloys ( they really need a refurb lmao )  and 215 wide tyres :/

Toyosport De-cat pipe and down pipe then all the way back with boxes so it's not too loud 

Brand new td-06 turbo        running 323 bhp, i originally thought he said 373, but no paperwork so i need to get it set up and on a rolling road for the printout ( one thing though, it certainly isn't standard ) lol 

PERRING front mount intercooler

high / low boost switch and anti lag

Recon gearbox and EXEDY clutch

full coilovers, not sure what brand as i've not been underneath, fully adjustable etc 

issues with it, 

track rod ends little bit of play in it,( just need to fit hte new ones ) also, on heavy breaking it dances like bambi on ice ! i'm thinking this maybe all part of the same problem, But just in case i've bought a new set of drillved and grooved disks and a set of new pads aswell 

allowys need a refurb badly ! 

the stretch on the tyre ( it's got 215's on a 9.5'' wheel just isn't for me, i don't trust it, so they'll be getting replace over the next couple of months, 


and needs a good clean, i haven't cleaned it in the 2-3 months i've had it ! lol 




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Hi welcome to S.O.C 


Nice list of mods and I agree stretched tyres not for me either. have to get some pictures up though once she's been washed but I don't mind a bit of dirty porn if you want to post a dirty picture up :laugh:

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Got all hte photo's on my phone, for some reason they're getting blocked when i try to send em to my laptop, once i have i'll get em posted up :biggrin:  technology ain't my thing, lol,  


need to get it serviced and set up, luckily have GT Motorsport on the doorstep, so at some point it'll be going over to there 

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No problem I'd get the photobucket app and upload them to there :wink:then you can link them here with the direct link. But if you're stuck just let me know I'll help if I can. 

Anothering you can do if you have them on facebook you can right click the image copy the address for the picture and insert it with the media tab bottom right where you type a post if you're on pc/laptop. :happy:

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