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Front mount

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Hi guys i know this has bin documented to death but ive sort of got lost in the pages of contradicting info so im just after advice


Im wondering if to install a front mount on my wrx now some people say theres no need others say its well worth it so opinions please

Also just to add i think it wud look awsone with one hanging out the bumper but that alone isnt enough to justify the cost 

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depends on how much bhp you want to run. if memory serves me correct a tmic is good for 330ish bhp. obviously a fmic will give a more consistent result and you wont suffer from the same heatsoak but on the other hand, our smaller turbos (if you still have one ofc :P) spool up faster and have less lag with a tmic.

And if memory serves me right you really start benefiting from a fmic when you get dat bigger turbo

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Humm i think il stay with tmic for now then.id happily go crazy and have bigger turbos ect but bieng a wrx its only realistically good for 350bhp int it.i think il keep this a year then buy a sti and the mrs can have mine ... i couldnt sell it ive grownfar too attached 😍😍😍

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On the standard td04 turbo don't bother. will be laggy.


anything over 300 will see improvements by going front mount, There's a bit of a misconception that you can run x power on x intercooler (tmic, fmic etc), its mroe a case of use. Andy forrest ran mid 8's on a top mount which is prob 800bhp, but no way a car doing more than 1/4 mile would do it on a tmic and that power.

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