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Bonnet handle help


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Just topped up oil and few other bits under the bonnet and I've gone to close the bonnet but it won't close and engage in the lock it just rests on the catch, after having a further look the release handle is stuck up still.


Not had a chance to have another look but would this be a stretched cord or something abit easier?


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Had same thing with mine, thought the mechanism was broken till kev walked out the workshop with a bottle of wd40 and a screw driver haha.

Best way way kinda like above. Need's two of you though.

Soak the mechanism in WD40.

Second person pull the cable inside so it pops up (may need to wiggle it a bit with the screw driver to free the mechanism).

Give it more wd40 and push the latch down with a screw driver.

pull the cable to release again

Give it more WD40 and push the lactch down with screw driver

do it a load of times and should give it a nice good clean out.

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Managed to fix it now, but for something so simple and straight forward what a pig of a job had to clamp the cable take it all apart and give it a thourogh de grease and clean as loads of dirt built up, BUT it all works now 😃 Thanks for the help guys 

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