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Spigot bearing?

David Wilkinson

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I am going to replace the clutch on my wrx with an exedy standard blue box clutch kit. I've noticed on some posts that it is recommended to replace the spigot bearing as well. Being a layman I have no idea what it is :blink: Is it worth replacing at the same time?

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The spigot bearing is in the centre of the flywheel to hold the gearbox shaft central. They cost under a tenner and just "tap" into the flywheel.

Definitely worth changing as they do wear out about the same life span as a clutch plate [emoji6]

I'd suggest you check the flywheel for cracks and smoothness and get it skimmed if there's any major ridges in it .

As that lessens the chance of clutch "judder"

Also might be worth buying new drive shaft and prop shaft seals (about £50 for all 3) as it's only about 20 mins extra labour to fit them while the box is already out [emoji6]

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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