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Heater ventilation aircon


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I run mine on auto, I believe, and I'm hoping an expert can jump in and confirm this, that you're supposed to run your aircon on auto so the it is used regularly as this help maintain its reliability. That's what I've been told. 

 To be fair it's a pretty low effect on your fuel economy but more fuel efficient than having the windows  open

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Full auto here, all the time on. I was also told to leave it on or use it regularly. I didn't do it with my previous car which resulted a broken Airco (and of course, it was summer...), learned my lesson.

Haven't paid attention to mpg between full auto and manual, will have a look

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20 hours ago, Jay762 said:

In both the STi and the RX you can feel it when you turn the aircon on - there is a slight drop in power, may not impact mpg but you just get there slightly slower :biggrin:

Fortnately in the deisel boxer you don't notice that power loss. 😉

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