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I'm going to go for Goodyear f1 asymmetric 3 when I need some...lots on here seem to swear by them and if your doing the full set, kwikfit currently have the 225s at under 80 a corner fitted

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I had Goodyear Eagle F1s on my last car (diesel Audi A3) - they didnt wear very well at all.  They were done after about 17k miles, and that included swapping fronts for rears half way through.  So personally I don't think they are worth the money.

Have a look at Camskill for good prices on tyres, and find a local fitter.  Normally I get mine off there and a local guy does them for £5 a corner.

Had Kumho ecsta lesports on a car before and liked them.  Avoid anything by Nankang - they nearly killed me.

My Impreza came with 4 new tyres when I bought it in July - the dealer clearly wanted something cheap.  So its got Jinyu YU63 all round...honestly they are not that bad.  Decent grip in dry and wet, quiet and I'm getting 32mpg so cant complain.  No doubt other's will call them ditch finders, and I probably wouldnt have picked them myself - but so far so good.


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