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Spacer advise please!


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Hi guys

I have fitted Brembo fronts to my wrx uk 300 today.

The wheels wont go out without hitting the caliper, so I have bolted on some 5mm spacers that I had, problem now is there is only 5-8mm ish of thread going into the nut.

I have 2 options that I can think of:

1 remove the disks, hub and buy and fit longer studs.

2 fit hubcentric spacers of around 10-15mm

If I go option 2, which I think I rather would as its a lot easier and faster, then where can I get some decent quality 10 12 or 15mm spacers??

If I put them on the front, should I put them on the back 2 to keep the wheel width the same if that makes sense?

Any help appreciated! Want to get something ordered tomorrow!!

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Hub centric ones are best, you'll need to put them on all 4 corners or the track will be different front/rear which will cause issues, eibach and others do spacers, could try www.scoobyparts.com

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to be honest I need around 3.5mm to leave me 1mm gap from the caliper.


I am going to look at swapping wheels I think as i dont fancy running spacers, I think it will affect the handling.


I have just put a post in the wheels and tyres section :)

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I'm running "happy shopper" 3mm spacers so my brembos fit under my rota boosts [emoji55]

I've done about 4k mls without any issues, think they were £12 from a local "motomainia" shop .

I wouldn't use them any bigger than 3mm without longer studs .

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

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I tried 3mm and it left nothing, they wernet scraping but I would imagine I could get .2 shim in them.


To be that wasnt enough to be safe. Dont know if they can move, expand with heat or anything, but id want atleast 0.5mm clearence.


I am also running the alloy lightened wheel nuts which I am going to swap

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