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Subaru Impreza prodrive exhaust. Does this look right

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Previous owner of my blob PPP had replaced Center section with a 2" pipe. In the process he had cut off the flanges and clamped them together.  


So ive managed to source another back box and Center pipe which is the proper 2.5". 


The he back box is right due to the identification plate but I've got concerns on the Center pipe. 

Can someone take a look at the pic and let me know what they think please. 


To to me it looks like someone has cut the middle section out, don't know if that's where the cat went but the welds look !Removed!. 


Is this normal?




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i hoping to get the bolt/gasket kit from icp ordered soon.  going to order the kit for backbone to centre section, centre section to next pipe (dont know what its called!!!) and new exhaust rubbers all round.

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