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Knocking from rear


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Right got a bit of a strange one here developed this morning just been out and had it jacked up no visible signs. When underload its fine no noise at all, pulls as it should all the way through the gears. But as soon as I lift I get a continues knock. I have no play in the wheels when jacked up, tested both sides. Also noise stops when I lift the handbrake to get it to bite so makes me believe it not the diff. Pads and disc's don't look to bad and drove fine Yesterday. 


So any ideas

  • Rear diff ? But I'd have put money on it being all the time. but not had a rear diff go on me before. 
  • Rear struts need replacing ?


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Is the knocking cyclic with speed of wheel turning? - not familiar with setup but is the handbrake linked to main caliper or a drum type setup on inside of disc or applying pads to disc normally?

do you have a dial gauge as I have had a similar thing and turned out to be a slightly warped disc?

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54 minutes ago, savage bulldogs said:

I'm sure your's will have handbrake shoes inside the centre of the discs, even though it's got pads for "peddle braking "

If it's not broke .....upgrade it 😊

Yeah think you're right after looking you think could be shoes gone inside before I take it all to bits to look  :angry: Well after seeing what tool you need safe to say I won't be doing it lol


25 minutes ago, Jay762 said:

can you see down to the pad and disc surface? - if possible look to see if the small gap increases or decreases as you rotate the wheel hub and disc

Not sure will have to look later meant to be on a job but bloody car trying to get it sorted again before japshow but looking less likely again :sad:

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2 hours ago, Jay762 said:

what tools do you need?

Video i was watching they had tools to remove springs and some clamp type things i dont have either. 


But i have been driving it again ut is there under load just cant hear it well so will bung the exhurst and drive again shortly. And not sure if it gets worse as i go round a corner but need to test this a bit more so I'll take it to pick the missus up shortly. But been under it completely and can't see any thing out of place. So decided to jet wash the lot why im under there. And split the bloody hose on my pressure washer. 😣 today has not been a good day. 

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