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Estimated number plate value


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Hi I'm not looking to sell I'm just wondering what my plates roughly worth? I have done a check online and it was a lot lower than I expected (£100) which I can't personally believe so I'm wondering what Subaru fans would say it's worth, thanks



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Guess these are unused ones from DVLA but used or not what matters is what it says. Your plate says scooby more than these do :)

But these prices include registering/transferring etc, I guess find out how much that cost then subtract from the total?

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Private plates have come down alot in last few years my boiler installation company is called RPS Chesterfield hence the username lol and i only paid £250 quid for GA5 3 RPS and on my car my name is Rick Goodlad and my plate is R11K GD and again only £250 unless ive just been lucky twice haha



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My mate had m12 off on his skyline was spaced to read MR OFF 

then he got his Mrs 



paid 600 for the both , lost the skyline one when it was exported then cya sold for a grand ! 

So it's swings and round abouts really 

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Personalised plates have become pretty expensive over the last few years here in NZ. About 15 years ago I paid around $300 for 220 GTI for my 220 GTi. They are now around $1000 (just bought my wife one for her birthday (FL3UR) - my current one cost a little under that a couple of years ago. Fortunately transferring to another car (originally on a Legacy) is cheap..


GB (my initials) in NZ :cool:


www.kiwiplates.co.nz is where you go and while SCOOBY isn't available, SCOO8Y is :biggrin:




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