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Clutch judder

David Wilkinson

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I've just fitted an exedy standard blue box clutch to my WRX and have noticed that in 1st or reverse it judders quite bad when the throttle is feathered. It is fine if you put a bit more throttle on, but is this normal? Thanks for your help.

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Generally it's only really noticeable on pull away if it's to do with flywheel surface flatness .

As sandy said it can dissappear after a while once it beds in to the flywheel surface (if the ridges weren't exessive)

I've only ever fitted 4 clutches , 1 with a new lightweight exedy flywheel and the other 3 with old oe flywheels.

I never had any judder but I had the old ones I fitted skimmed ,cos they had visual "ridges" in them .

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