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Font splitter


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Hi guys,

Got the chance of a cheap front splitter...

Its from a 2006 hawkeye and im looking to fit it too a 2004 Blobeye...

I know it may not bolt straight on, but can it fit with minor mods if any..?

Thanks for any assistance


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4 minutes ago, mattiekane said:

Any thing can fit with mods lol can you offer it up before you buy?

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Yes buddy l can, its about a 2 hour round trip and if does not fit its a hell of a waste of fuel money....


sub spitter 2.JPG

sub splitter.JPG

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I dare say it would fit.

Id imagine the hawkeye is slightly wider than the blob so maybe a piece will need cutting out the middle to make it fit

If its cheap enough then get it posted and have a look worst case stick it on eBay if it doesnt


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It will need major modin to look rite.the peace in middle is longer and the hawk is slightly flatter profile across front of bottom off bumper then the blob.so wouldnt stick out even round the edge.as i found out when i orders a extension kit and they sent wrong 1 for my blob.

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