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Nano wax


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I was looking to try a different wax next year as my bottle of colinite 845 is getting low .

Quite like the colinite on my silver classic as it makes the metallic fleck pop nicely and lasts about 2 months (I wash it every week ) .

What colour are you using it on, what's the longevity like and will I have to sell 1 of my kids to buy it [emoji5]

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Hi there,I use this product on my Subaru which is Subaru blue and nothing comes close and to it and I polish my car once a month and it really doesn't need it,also can be used on chrome and glass and has been used on my sons skyline which has won first prize in every show and shine he has entered in this year I pay $80 new Zealand for it.

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Sounds like good stuff , can't say I've seen it in the UK though .

Don't know if you've ever used colinite 845 to compare it too but it was originally designed for marine use , it's about £20 a bottle and makes my 22yr old roof look hydrophobic.


I'm always on the lookout for something different when it comes to most things scooby .

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